Welcome to MinersMill.com home of the Norton mill.

We here at Miners Mill know the importance of having quality tools to get the job done right.

The Miners mill came to life when Dave and Matt Norton, father and son gold mining partners needed a way to process ore samples. Having a separate company mill their ore was too costly and time consuming to be profitable. So they hit the drawing board and came up with the Norton mill.

The Norton mill is a robust, long lasing milling machine.  Guaranteed to grind any ore you have to the desired size.

The Norton mill is built for durability and performance; it can grind any material to dust in minutes.

Whether you’re a miner doing assays, or a chemist doing experiments, if you have the need of a maneuverable mill in your shop then we here at Miners Mill are here to serve.

The original Norton Mill was built out of spare steel from our scrap yard and some custom parts we had manufactured, but its performance, and the quality of milled ore was outstanding!

When you buy your Norton mill, you aren’t just buying another tool you’re receiving a genuine American made product that’s built to last and built to perform.

We only use high quality steel and robust mechanical parts to ensure that you receive a worthwhile product that keeps up with you!

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