Miner's Mill

Whiskey Made Easy

Since 1795

Our name comes from the Miner-Hillard Milling Company, built in 1795 and the place we call home. We're creating a platform to make it easier for distilleries to source bulk whiskey, building a tasting room at the mill, and launching a platform to let everyone invest in whiskey.

Our founder Nick Rosati purchased the grain mill in 2015 through a tax sale with the intention of saving a piece of local history. It's been a long process but our launch gets closer every day.

Keeping Traditions

Whiskey traditions have been around since before our mill was built. There's no replacement for years or decades of aging in oak barrels, and we aren't going to change that.

Creating Tomorrow

What we are going to change is the way people and distilleries buy barrels of whiskey. No more minimum orders, waiting for pricing, wondering if barrels are available, or exclusion of normal people from the industry. 

With our platform, distilleries will save time and get the products they need faster and easier than anywhere else.

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